Monday, January 17, 2011

Days #5 and #6

Alrighty! Here I am on day #6, and so far so good! Yesterday was good too, as you can see by the two photos below. The only thing was, on top of being tired, I was SOOO freezing both mornings, so... I was standing there with my camera and closed my eyes both times before I took the pictures. Hence, the amazingly abstract feel of the photos. :-P

Today is one of those days that you walk around with multiple layers of clothing, a scarf around your neck, and a hot beverage in your hands. A hot beverage that has to be re-heated multiple times because of the freezer-like qualities of the air around you. It is also one of those days where your cheeks get rosy INSIDE of the house because of the cold. Which, as some of you know... is a very hard thing for me to achieve even when I'm OUTSIDE, so when my cheeks are pink in the house... I'm happy with the look of it, and otherwise just... somewhat popsicle -esq and miserable.

In other news... well. There is lots of news, actually. But my fingers are frozen, so I think I won't go into all that. The main thing is that I posted on here at all. And unfortunately, I don't have any photos more than what you see here already, 'cause I'm just... cold and I haven't taken any yet. :-D Maybe I'll take some later and post them tomorrow.

I finally have pictures up of the cake that I worked on last week though, so you can click on the picture below to the see the blog post for that.

Be back tomorrow! Hopefully with more wit and less freeziness to post. ;) Thanks, again, for reading and keeping me on my toes!

And P.S. I really love this song. Tip, though: If you're wearing headphones, don't crank the volume and click on that link. I even know what to expect when I do that, and it still makes me jump out of my skin every time. Turn the volume DOWN... and then adjust as necessary. :)

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