Monday, January 24, 2011

Days #12 and #13

Welllllll.... eh ehe he hehehehe... I DID get up at 7 this morning, as you can see by the clock. And yesterday morning.


Both mornings, I got up and had no reason (other than the desire to be diligent with this) to be up early-- and neither did anyone else in the house, so... it was dark, quiet, cold, and... cold. Freezing, actually. So, what I wanted to do was get my Bible-- but I knew that would put me to sleep.

So, what I did was... :-D I stayed up just long enough for my brain to wake up, and then I headed into the living room to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket. I knew I would fall asleep if I tried to read, so I decided to not even bother-- I decided to sleep, and going into the living room would keep me from sleeping any later than other people were getting up. So. I got up about an hour later.

That's my confession. Do y'all think that was okay? Or should I start the 21 days over again? I personally feel perfectly fine with my decision to do that, so I am going to just go on as usual... but if you peeps think that was a bad thing, I'll start over again. Just... let me know what you think. I don't want to cheat here.

Today's photos are mostly Christmas ornaments. (And yes, again, we still have our decorations up. But don't judge-- when your house is as cold as ours, you need the warm look of Christmas decor to keep your fingers and toes alive. So keeping them up, we are.) I also took some pictures of my Bible, focusing in on a passage that was particularly wonderful to me today. :) (Also one of Tabithah's eyes. Random, I know.)

My camera reading for the day was about zoo photography, and since our house doesn't quite qualify as a zoo, I decided to just grab my macro lense (the one with the highest magnifying capacity) and take pictures of whatever. So, here you have it-- whatever. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading (again)! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my decision to sleep this morning. If you'd care to share them, that is. :)

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