Wednesday, January 12, 2011

21 Day Challenge - Day #1

Day #1 - So far so good! Despite what the alarm says, I did get up at 7:00 - I just couldn't see a bloomin' thing in the dark, and not wanting to wake up the other girls in my room with the lights, I fumbled around in the dark for a few minutes trying to get the camera and put it on the right setting. I chose "Auto Mode," 'cause I wanted something that would take the picture before it said "7:45 a.m." and preferably something that would make the picture a little bit more than... black. :-D I hope the flash didn't disturb anyone.

I confess, I actually almost did decide to sleep in till 7:30... but then I thought of this blog and changed my mind. I lugged my freezing self into the living room with my Bible, wrapped up in a blanket, and... eh he... another confession, *almost* fell asleep again. But I didn't-- I was in drift mode, but I got ahold of myself after about 15 minutes and was able to read some. :)

Part of the reason for my success with today's getting up was because my cousin Abby had spent the night and had to be up and ready to go by 8:30-- so I wanted to make sure there was some coffee and such for her, and of course, I wanted to say goodbye.

Other than that, the day can be summed up in not-too-many words: Bible, tea, email, reading, banking, learning, tea, Bible, shopping, tea, eating, tea, meeting with clients, shopping, blog. (There were other things in there as well, but I'm trying to keep this brief.)

And now... I want some tea. Actually, what I really want is to curl up on the couch in my pajamas with a fuzzy blanket and some tea. BUT... I'm tired, and I would surely fall asleep. And I have a lot of cleaning to do which has to be done before tomorrow morning. So the rest of the day will likely be...

Tea, cleaning, French with Rosetta, tea, bed.

On another note, wanna see some of those pictures I promised? I learned a bit about taking portraits today, so I borrowed a Micaiah for practice. And then she wanted to take some pictures of me too, so here we are.



I took this photo when I wasn't even looking. THAT. Is what'cha call skillz.

Caiah wanted to take a picture together. And... the wind, apparently, wanted to be in it as it's freeziest version of itself. It did a pretty good job.

A little blurry, but us. :)

And now, last but not least-- some lessons from the day:

- When grocery shopping in the whipping winter wind, grab the ugly warmer coat. You will not regret.
- When pulling a T-shirt over your head, inserting your arm into the head compartment makes the whole experience a million times more confusing.

Be back tomorrow... Hopefully with another successful mission to report. :)

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