Friday, January 28, 2011

Day #17

Hmm... You know, it's really hard to think about what to write on here while you're listening to Russian and Ukranian music (among other things). I'm also watching my siblings dance around the room. That also makes it hard to concentrate. :)

So, I guess I'll just write some randomness that doesn't require much thought. Here is the time that I got up at first... But then I realized that the reason for getting up at that time no longer stood, so I set the alarm for 7 and went back to bed.

So, here we are-- 7!

Here is one of my sketches from this week. I took this picture to be a little blurry and differently angled... so that it wouldn't be too obvious who it was. :-P Can you tell anyway?

Then, in other news: I've discovered my secret identity. I'm Winnie the Pooh in Naomi's clothing. Look! We're just the same! :o

Back tomorrow!

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