Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day #8

Alrighty! Day 8! I can't believe I'm already over a third of the way through this thing... I keep thinking that it's going to be forever before it's over, but I guess not. Wowie.

As you can see, today's photos are, again, somewhat random. :-D One of these days I'll have to make a point of doing something a little more interesting. I realized a few minutes ago that I still hadn't taken any photos today, so I grabbed my new necklace, stuck it in a vase full of beads, and *click click* DONE.

I also took one of me wearing it in VERY poor light and in a mirror that is very much in need of cleaning. :) Eh-he. I have got to muster up some creativity. Yeesh.

Anyway... Gotta love that alarm clock photo, eh? I bet you just look forward to seeing that every day, don'cha? I knew it. Well, here you go. :D

OH! Before I sign off, I wanted to leave you guys with a note about my goal to mostly stay offline this year.

Hopefully most of you know that I've decided to take a few steps back from the internet for 2011. I've realized that my time online very much affects the way I organize my time, the way that I think, and the way that I set an example for my younger siblings. So, I've wanted to decrease it in the hope that putting the majority of my time into my family and my business will affect those areas of my life in a more positive way.

The tricky thing was deciding on a plan for this. I love Facebook because I love to keep in touch with people, and that's a great way to do it-- and that (my relationships) is also something I value. I also need to stay online because a large chunk of my business flows from online communication, so I couldn't very well cut that out.

So, my decision was to cut out personal email and Facebook completely except for Saturdays and to get online every day otherwise for business purposes. That was my plan for 2011.


I do not want to shoot any friendships in the foot by being impossible to reach... so... I want you all to know that I can and will be in contact with you if you're trying to get a hold of me for something that requires immediate attention. It's just instant messaging and emails that don't need immediate response that are getting pushed off till Saturdays. I get notifications from Facebook every day, and I do make a point of reading things to make sure they are or aren't necessary to reply to right away. If you need to reach me, YOU CAN. Facebook me, email me, whatever. I do read everything right away and WILL get back to you if it's something important. :) Okay? (Some of you already know this because I've been on Facebook to reply to your messages during the week. :-P)

I'm not trying to cut back on friendships or communication, I'm trying to keep myself from spending hours looking at pictures, reading status updates, chatting with people and enjoying silly banter. Obviously, these are all things I greatly enjoy; but I know that I can be excessive at times, and I have to limit myself.

It's kinda like chocolate: Eat it. Love it. Just don't have it all the time. ;)

Anyway, that's all for today! Be back tomorrow, hopefully with something more interesting for y'all to read and look at.

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