Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day #11

What a day. Again... I have little time to be posting on here, so this'll be brief. I did get up on time, and I did get lots done. :) So that's the good news. I'm also just grateful-- today was a good day. A joyful day. A grateful day. :) But... now the day is pretty much over, and I am tired. So... again, I won't be elaborating much.

"What's with the pictures of the turnips?" you ask? "What's with the poor quality clearly not very photography focused photographs?" you ask? "What on earth were you doing with chocolate bars and pastry and butter?" you ask? "What IS THIS??" you ask?

Well, I have one name and one day to blame: Robbie Burns and his birthday. And I'll go into that more another day, perhaps. :) Or you can just ask me sometime, and I'll tell you.

Ooh, this is one thing I will go into-- Look! It's Carolyn! And baby Stevie! It's Carolyn holding baby Stevie! WHAT ARE THE ODDS??? :D Well whatever they are, it was cute. And I took a picture.

Oh, and random thing: Guess what I learned today? There is a reason that you don't see many pictures of haggis in the world: It's not very attractive. The end.

P.S. There will be no post tomorrow-- tomorrow is Sunday. Be back on Monday!

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