Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rainy Days and Red Rubber Boots

I love rainy days. I also love red rubber boots.

I think I've mentioned my desire to own a pair of shiny red boots before on this blog. At the time, I don't think I had any immediate plans to attain any, but... !! Guess what??

I have some. And they. Are. The bomb. B-)

Today was a rainy day (before it started snowing), and it was actually quite warm as well (before it got all cold).

And... really, writing all of that was not the main purpose of the story for today at all. In fact, I was just going to get onto my blog to post a lovely little poem that I read at my Oma's house the other day. But then I started to think about rain, and red boots and pictures... and out came the lovely little title for this post (which I am leaving there because I like it).

...In typical fashion, the tired Naomi is good at getting distracted and coming out with random things like that. So, before it gets any worse, I'll just post the pictures that I took while we were in Leamington today (while I sat in the van with Keturah waiting for people) when it was raining outside. I don't have pictures of the boots; they are too awesome.

(Actually, that's not the reason for the lack of red footwear being pictured on this blog. I just didn't take any. Weird, I know.)

Aaaaannnd... this is what happens when you give Naomi a hood for her jacket and nothing to do except take pictures and sit down. Don't make fun. ;)

Keturah :)

(Anna, looking for the van.)

And now back into focus...

The poem that I read at Oma's house was taken from a book called, "Us Little People: Mennonite Children" by Carl Hiebert. The book is so very sweet... I think I would like to own a copy of it one day. I copied the poem out to write on here for y'all to enjoy, but I hope you don't take that as a reason to not look through that book if you ever have the opportunity. I would highly recommend a good look through that book; the pictures are beautiful and the things spoken worthy of a great many smiles.

Here's the poem:

A Math Worksheet

This school year is like a math sheet
The Master has handed to you
The four basic functions are needed
In the work you are given to do.

Some problems require addition
Of diligence, virtue and faith
And some of them call for subtraction
Of laziness, carelessness, hate.

For choosing the right in decisions,
Division you'll need to employ.
Make good use of multiplication
With cheerfulness, kindness, and joy.

Check over your work and be accurate:
Small errors affect the whole sheet.
And guard against streaks of indifference
Or blotches of ugly conceit.

What note do you think will the Master
Inscribe when the school year is done?
On your sheet mark "Unsatisfactory"
Or will he write, "Very well done?"

And now to pretend this is Facebook and say,

Naomi Thomson likes this. :)

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  1. Did you ever get the book? Because Aunt Russell just bought it for you if you don't have it and bought it for herself if you do!