Monday, March 14, 2011

Learning to See the Little Things

"Little Bits of Happiness"...I looked at the title of this blog just now and thought, "I wish I had some little bits to post tonight. I wish I could spread some joy all over this blog like butter on bread, but... What could I post?

Well, to be honest, looking back on this past week... I didn't know. This week has been a very trying one for me. At first, my mind went "*sob* You have nothing. This has been a miserable week." But then I realized, no. It hasn't. It's had its rough times, yes. But I know that God is and has been in those times. And He is working in them.

When I really look back on this week, I can see that it has been filled with loads upon loads of things to be grateful for. There have been sad things, yes. Many of them. But there have also been "Little bits of happiness" peppered throughout that I could take joy in. Little things that made me smile; little blessings for which I could praise, even when I was feeling down. Little ways that God said to me, "I love you, and I'm still here" every single day.

I guess, this week has been one to remind me of something. Even in the hardest of times, God is there. And even when I can't see it, He still shows me that He loves me.

How can I remember this?

...There are little bits of happiness all around me.


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