Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day #21

Well, here we are-- the last day! I'm FREEE to do whatever I want!! Ah hahahahahaha!!

...Just kidding. ;)

Today I got up at 6:30 because Mom and I were going to make coffee, tea, and breakfast together before everyone else in the house got up at 7. Yes, 7. Mom decided yesterday that we ALL need to be up by 7 every day, so now we're all on a habit changing schedule! And we're keeping ourselves accountable to a large chart in our dining room (made by moi). Every morning, we all get up and come put a sticker on the chart if we got up by 7. At the end of the month, whichever people have a sticker on every day will get "A treat." Ooh hoo hoo. Treats. Love 'em. B-)

Here's a photo of the chart from the bottom--

(Mom's name wasn't on there originally, but she wanted me to add it. So there it is. With flowers. :) )

Now, these next couple of photos are of a treat that we already got-- just because we're so cute. :-P

When Mom and Dad were in Amish country recently, they came across a store that was selling plaques with names, their meanings, and scripture verses on them. And... :D They were able to get a plaque for every kid in our family, including the ones with more unusual names (Micaiah, Tirzah, Keturah, etc.) They were really excited about this especially, since it's difficult to find the meanings of their names just anywhere.

I love them. :) The thing is, we realized pretty quickly that some of the Bible verses have the wrong references. (Mine, for example-- The correct reference for this verse is 2 Samuel 22:33). So we'll be sending some of them back, I think, to get them fixed.

Anyway... :) What a marvelous day this has been! And it's still in the beginning stages. I'm just.... Mm!mm.... :D! This morning my heart burst into a smile and started to fly (for a variety of reasons). Do you know what that feels like? It's AMAZING! I highly recommend trying it out.

Have a wonderful week, everyone! Hopefully all of this habit building has gotten me into the habit of keeping my blog more faithfully... so maybe this year, it'll actually become what I wanted it to when I started it. We'll see!

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