Monday, August 1, 2011

So There Are These COOKIES...

And Oh-My-Land. I love them!

They are called "Stroopwafles" or "Syrup Waffles," and wow. Was there ever anything more perfect to eat with a cup of tea?? I don't think so.

I was introduced to these cookies last year by a good friend of mine, and then, on a short family trip that we took to Holland Michigan shortly afterwards, I was thrilled to find them for sale there. These cookies are traditionally Dutch, and as far as I've ever seen them, are imported from Holland.

The way you eat them, I understand, is to put the cookie on the mouth of your cup of hot beverage (my preferred choice is tea) and let it sit there for a minute... Then turn it over and let is sit for another minute (all the while building mountains of precious patience)... and THEN... You eat it. And the steam from your hot drink has made the cookie all warm and soft on the inside, where there is a delicious syrupy filling sandwiched between two baked wafer cookies.

It's kind of like a miracle in your mouth.

The story of my finding them went something like this:

There I was, strolling through the grocery store, when suddenly... a beautiful sight met my eyes. A sight so beautiful, in fact, that I didn't quite know whether to believe my eyes or not. But, sure enough... after a double take (or twenty), I realized the truth of the matter-- There they were, glowing on their own little part of the shelf-- Stroopwafles! REAL ones! From Holland! AHH!!



And then I was happy ever after.

Try them. You won't regret. :)

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  1. :) :) Long have I loved stroopwafles, but never have I ever heard or thought of placing them over my tea! My world has just become a whole lot more AWESOME! :)-!-:D-!!!-:]-B-)-!!-:D-:O-!-:D!!!