Monday, July 4, 2011

Once Upon A Today...

Once upon a time (on July 4, 2011), there was a girl named Naomi who liked to make pretty things to eat.

(You can imagine a nice picture of Naomi here, looking something like Winnie the Pooh. 'Cause she kind of does look like him. In her own way.)

Now, Naomi was an adventurous girl, and she loved to try making new things. She was always up for a challenge, and enjoyed the task of making desserts that were unusual, and sometimes, pretty tricky. Often, it was hard, and usually-- it made her nervous during the process. But, at the end of it all, the sound of her camera going "Click, click, click," and the photos of the finished project would make her smile, and thus provide the courage necessary to try something new the next time she had an opportunity.

One day, Naomi decided to make a beautiful little croquembouche, just big enough for a tea party with a few friends. She had made a few croquembouche towers before (big ones), but she particularly wanted to try making a new one this time, to give her the practice of working with spun sugar. Traditionally, Naomi knew, croquembouche towers are decorated with thin strands of spun sugar, and not having had too much practice with that in the past, she wanted to try it out again to see how it would turn out.

Hours passed as Naomi mixed, baked, stirred, piped and spun... But finally, it was finished! It was beautiful; just as she had hoped it would be. Excitedly, she propped up her favorite wooden cutting board to make a nice wooden background for the photo, set her masterpiece down in front of it, and picked up her camera to take some pictures.

Naomi lifted the camera with a smile, and prepared her ears to hear the usual "Click, click, click" of the camera.

"Click, click, *plop*."

What? Naomi looked up, confused. "Plop?"

Yep. There it was... That lovely little croquembouche, crushed. The cutting board, apparently, had a mind of its own... And decided, just in time for the third click, to go "Plop" right on top of the croquembouche.

It was crushed.

"Oh," Naomi said. That... is... really... sad. :(

The end.

At least I got two pictures of it, even if they were really dark. :) I'm glad for that. And our tea party, though not as picturesque as I would have liked, will be delicious. That I know for sure.

Note: This is a true story. The close-ups were taken after the top was crushed... there were a few cream puffs that kind of survived, so I took some close-ups of those (and the lighting was better for those photos.) :)

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  1. I confess I don't see the resemblance to Pooh, but you could pass as Christopher Robin in your red rubber boots. You just need a yellow rain coat and hat. ;-)