Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Cure for the Common Cold

Alright, here's a happy thing. I actually made this tutorial for a friend who wasn't feeling well, and well, at the time I thought... "This is a happy thing. I will have to put this on my blog at some point."

So here we go. :)

This is something that my mom said she learned from her mother, and I honestly have no idea if it does anything medicinal... but to me, a little kid with a cold, it was an extra-special treat (we never got to drink tea as little kids, much less with raspberries in it). I can recall a couple of times as a sniffly young child being brought a cup of tea like this, to make me feel better. If we didn't have raspberries, in went the second best thing-- a little bit of raspberry jam.

Perhaps it was just the magic of this out-of-the-ordinary treat that made me feel better... But feel better, I did. And to this day, when I'm feeling poorly, I think of this old remedy and wish I had some raspberries to go in my tea.

Want to know how to make it? It's pretty simple. Here goes!

[Note: I MUCH prefer to make the tea in a pot. That is the superior way to do it, but if you don't have a pot in which to make the tea, this will do the trick.]

Step #1 - Get yourself a cup, a tea bag (whatever kind you want), and some raspberries. Wash the raspberries and put a few into your cup like this... If you want it to look pretty. Or you can make the tea and add the raspberries later... whatever you want. It's up to you.

Step #2 - Boil some water, and pour it into the cup. (I like to put the tea bag into the cup after the water, when making an individual cup, because I like my tea on the weaker side. It is almost always gets too strong if you put the bag in first, I find... But again, this is just a matter of preference, so you do whatever you jolly-well want.)

Step #3 - Swish the tea bag around a little bit, till the tea is the color you like it (I like mine honey-colored, or a little darker.)

Step #4 - Add some honey. Now, easy here... You don't want to go all crazy on it. A little honey will do the trick. See the photo below to see how much honey I would recommend in a teaspoon for one cup of tea.

Step #5 - Enjoy! :D I recommend the use of pretty tea cups for little girls (or, if you have a group of little girls and boys, use them for the boys too-- they probably won't want to feel left out.) For everyone else, I would recommend a nice, chubby mug. Then get yourself a blanket, cuddle up with your cup, breathe in some of the steam, and then.... Smile. Mm. :) Smiling makes most everything better... (Including the common cold.)

Step #6 - Get better.

And there you have it. Easy-peasy. :)

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