Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Sweetest Things

I keep thinking about this blog and all of the things that I wish I could be out there doing, taking pictures of doing, and then posting about doing. I keep wishing that I had a better camera so that I could better capture the "Little Bits of Happiness" in my life-- which I could then post on here.


Time is marching on, and I keep marching with it. I guess I haven't been taking much time to think about stopping for a moment. Instead, I keep thinking about what's coming up next and how I'm going to keep going.

In fact, that's what I was doing just now. I got on here, thought about my blog, dismissed the thought, and then planned to go to bed. So that I could get up tomorrow and work. And then go to bed again. Etc, etc.


Then I got an idea. I've often thought about (and still think about) writing a book. It would be a book about food, of course (what else would I write about)... but it would also be a book about people, and the little things we love. Things like desserts, tea, parties (with tea), chubby children eating cookies, etc. I think I would call it, "The Sweetest Things."

Aside from cakes, cookies, and chocolates, there are many sweet things in my life. And while I brainstorm and think about what I want for "my book," I think I'll post some of them for you to look at right now. I don't have to be globe trotting and taking pictures to write a good post. These are just the kinds of things I want on here, and while Google is still accessible, by golly... I'm gonna put 'em on here.

Many of the sweetest things in my life are little things-- walks on a crisp, fall day, hot chocolate and ice skating in the winter, puddle jumping and cherry blossoms in the spring, and ice cream and strawberries in the summer. Then of course there are the people I love-- who are with me through all four seasons every year, teaching me, encouraging me, and making me laugh. And then there are babies. Who arrive every once in a while just to melt the hearts of adults around into pools of bliss.

What are some of your "Sweetest Things"? :)

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